Headline list

21. Apr 2020 : Primex Iceland supports Iceland‘s healthcare staff

IMG_20200416_111847As Iceland frontline healthcare fight the Corona-virus they are suffering from dry and cracked skin from increased hand sanitiser use as well as rubbing from protective equipment. Primex Iceland is supporting the fight by supplying the emergency staff of Icelands national hospital with ChitoCare Medical products to heal their skin and ChitoCare Beauty hand cream to protect their hands from irritation.


21. Apr 2020 : Liposan Ultra Nominated in Nutraingredient Awards 2020 Weight Management Category

NIA-E-20-Finalist-logoThe awards, which have traditionally been hosted as a gala dinner in association with Vitafoods Europe, will move online this year and will see a strong shortlist of 34 finalists in 10 categories.

“Our expert judging panel have trimmed down the huge number of entries to create a shortlist of finalists that will now go forward for the final round of judging in the coming weeks.”

The Primex Iceland team is proud of the nomination and we are confidently looking forward to the finals!


17. Feb 2020 : MSC Certification for Primex products

Primex Iceland is proud to announce that its production has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and proudly bears the blue fish MSC label.

RS2544_English_Portrait_Blue_CMYKThe blue fish label is only applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing.

The MSC encourages responsible fisheries management and sustainable practices to protect the future of fishing communities.

Primex Iceland and The MSC share the values of sustainability and respect for nature. By combatting overfishing and illegal fishing along with responsible practices we can help protect not only nature but the livelihoods and food security of people worldwide.



26. Nov 2019 : ChitoCare Beauty styrkir Sólrúnu Önnu

Á dögunum skrifuðum við hjá Primex Iceland undir styrktarsamning við afrekskonuna Sólrúnu Önnu. Hún er hluti af A-landsliði Íslands í Badmintoni og afrekshóp BSÍ. Ásamt því að keppa og stunda æfingar erlendis er hún líka að þjálfa. Sólrún Anna gerði sér lítið fyrir á dögunum og vann sterkt meistaramót BH í meistaraflokki kvenna. Það verður spennandi að fylgjast með henni á næstu árum.