Headline list

11. Jun 2019 : Celebrating 20 years of innovation

This year Primex Iceland celebrates 20 years since the first production run in 1999.


31. May 2019 : VitaFoods Europe 2019 - Introducing ChitoCare

Our ChitoCare Medical and ChitoCare Beauty products were the stars of the show this year. Extraordinary interest from all over the world has resulted in doubling in number of our wold-wide distributors and re-sellers.

Primex Iceland wants to thank everyone who took the time to visit our boot and chat with our staff. Thank you - and see you next year!


1. May 2019 : BRCA Iceland - Brakkasamtökin

Primex Iceland recently signed an agreement with BRCA Iceland to support the ongoing battle against breast cancer in Iceland.

Every person in the BRCA Iceland organization will receive free ChitoCare Medical products to use to minimize any scarring from surgeries related to the BRCA condition.

Primex Iceland is honored to participate in the important and selfless work of the BRCA Iceland organization.