Chitocare® natural wound CARE

ChitoCare® gel and spray are hemostatic and promote rapid healing, relieve pain and burns; reduce redness and itching. Their use for first aid care of burns, sunburns, cuts, abrasions and chronic wounds has proven their efficacy. 

  • Protects wounds

  • Rapid healing and antibacterial 

  • Reduces bleeding (hemostatic) 

  • Relieves pain and sunburns 

  • Reduces redness and itching 

Every household should be prepared for first aid and burn emergencies with ChitoCare®. ChitoCare® promotes wound healing for burns, skin cuts and minor abrasions. ChitoCare® provides a unique hemostatic and antibacterial barrier. ChitoCare® stops bleeding quickly, cools burning skin, creates a seal over the wound and contributes to the healing process. 

ChitoCare® is a unique natural marine biopolymer produced by Primex ehf., a marine biotech company located in Iceland in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Primex chitosan production is certified as natural – Primex is a recipient of the Icelandic Innovation award. 

Available in Iceland at all good pharmacies.