Cosmetic & Personal Care

ChitoClear® is a unique multifunctional natural ingredient, which has great potential for use in personal care products of different kinds, such as hair and skin care products.

The basic properties of ChitoClear® chitosan are:

  • Film forming/moisturizing 
  • Emulsifying 
  • Stabilizing 
  • Thickening and antistatic properties 
  • Antibacterial and antifungal preservative 

These basic functionalities make it possible to use this natural ingredient for multiple purposes in personal care products of different kinds. ChitoClear® cosmetic grade is certified to not irritate skin.

Skin care

ChitoClear® is used in skin care products due to its ability to form protective moisturizing films, which enhances skin smoothness and improves the overall performance of the product. It improves the skin's ability to bind and hold moisture and increases its torsional strength as well as it binds other active ingredients.

Hair Care

ChitoClear® is a beneficial ingredient due to its ability to form a film on the surface of the hair keratin that retains moisture in low humidity and is also stable at high humidity. ChitoClear® treated hair becomes softer, manageable and shines with good health. It helps to renew hair, repair split ends, fight dandruff and protect hair from thermal teatments and UV rays.

Oral Care - Toothpaste

ChitoClear® chitosan represents a breakthrough in the science of oral hygiene. It kills the offending bacteria and dangerous oral germs on the teeth. ChitoClear®'s antimicrobial efficacy improves the shelf live.

Other cosmetic and toiletries

ChitoClear® can be used in many other cosmetic and toiletries appliactions, e.g. deodorants, aftershave products, soaps, nail enamel, make-up products, etc.

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