Wound healing

ChitoClear in wound healing products

Chitosan has been researched extensively since the 1980s, and a wide spectrum of applications already exists. In medicine it's good biocompatbility is exploited, as well as barrier-forming and blood-clotting peoperties, to promote wound healing in the form of wound dressings, wound gels or artificial skin. The promotion of wound healing is further enhanced, according to many studies, by its highly beneficial antibacterial, antiviral and antimycotic properties. ChitoClear chitosan is used in different kinds of wound healing products. Among those are hemostatic products of different kind, where their funtionality is to stop bleeding quickly, create a seal over the wound and promote the healing process.

Characteristics of Chitosan as a wound healing agent


  • Unique hemostatic - stops bleeding quickly 
  • Antibacterial barrier - inhibits inflammation
  • Creates a seal over the wound
  • Starts the healing process
  • Promotes regeneration of injured tissues
  • Relieves pain and itching

Primex offers its customers ready made ChitoClear in soluble form as a wound gel or liquid spray in bulks, ready for private labels. 

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