The team

Primex is very proud of the team behind our great products

Primex's policy is to hire the most qualified people with emphasis on knowledge, education and experience for each position.

Primex provides equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or age.


The Primex team

  • CEO & Marketing
    Mrs. Sigríður Vigfúsdóttir - sigga (at)
  • CFO
    Mr. Ólafur Stefánsson - olafurs (at)
  • Director of Research & Development
    Dr. Hélène Liette Lauzon - helene (at)
  • Sales & Marketing USA
    Mrs. Christina Young - chris (at)
  • Sales & Marketing Europe and Asia
    Mr. Vigfús Rúnarsson - vigfus (at)
  • Quality & Technical Manager
    Mrs. Guðný Helga Kristjánsdóttir - gudny (at)
  • Plant Manager
    Mr. Rúnar Marteinsson - runar (at)
  • Customer Service 
    Mr. Ólafur Björnsson - oli (at)
  • Accountant
    Mrs. Sigurbjörg Gunnólfsdóttir - sigurbjorg (at) 
  • Supervisor
    Mr. Sigurgeir Haukur Ólafsson - sigurgeir (at)
  • Laboratory research
    Dr. Katerina Bilkovicova - rannsokn (at)
  • Production
    Mr. Edward Galan 
  • Production and laboratory
    Mr. Atli Jónsson 
  • Maintenance
    Mr. Óðinn Gunnarsson 
  • Production
    Mr. Catalin Alexadru Siptoeanu