Quality & Environment

Pure, Sustainable Source of Chitosan

Primex ehf runs a state-of-the-art chitosan factory at its main headquarters, in Siglufjörður in North Iceland. As a chitosan manufacturer, Primex concentrates its efforts on environmentally friendly and sustainable production of natural, pure and high-quality chitosan. It is an active ingredient with numerous applications in the food supplement, cosmetic, food, biomedical and agricultural markets. The chitosan products are certified as natural. The raw material is wild shrimp shell and the production contributes to complete utilization of the natural resources. The utilization of the marine stocks around Iceland is regulated by the government according to ensure self-sustainable utilization of the natural resources.


Primex ehf is a chitosan manufacturer and works according to Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP) to ensure product safety and quality in the production of pure, quality chitosan powder and chitosan derivatives.  Each segment of the Primex chitosan process is monitored with quality control and evaluation of critical control points, including raw materials, manufacturing and storage.

Primex ehf is ISO22000 certified, which means written procedures are provided for all manufacturing steps and for each specification parameter.  Various analyses are performed throughout the whole chitosan production process and a Certificate of Analysis is issued for every final batch produced. Read more about our Certifications.Logos

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