From raw to retail, we provide traceability each step of the way

As chitosan manufacturers with a state-of-the-art chitosan factory, Primex ehf ensures traceability of all its chitosan products, whether chitosan powder in bulk, white label products or its own private label products. 

Product traceability, is the process of identifying, tracking and tracing elements of a product as it moves along the supply chain. The process starts from the raw material to the finished products. Traceability offers numerous benefits. For Primex, it allows us to investigate and troubleshoot any issues related to our ingredients, components and final products. For our customers, it offers protection, quality control and allows for better customer management, as any issues can quickly and efficiently be traced and resolved, avoiding product recalls.

To produce its pure, high-quality chitosan, Primex receives the shells from shrimp that are caught in the clean, cold North Atlantic Ocean. The catches are carefully regulated by a quota system to guarantee rational exploitation of the stocks and a sustainable balance in the marine environment.

Lot numbers are assigned to each batch of chitosan produced from raw material, which follow the batch throughout the production procedure. New lot numbers are given in chronological sequence when the final product is obtained.  Accurate record-keeping on the basis of the lot numbers assures that the product and all raw materials can be tracked from receipt to the retail level.