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How Chitosan Works for Weight Management

Chitosan is a versatile biopolymer that has found a variety of applications in all areas of the food sciences, including functional food applications. In the industry of weight management and dietary supplements, chitosan has been used to bind ingested dietary fat and cholesterol, reducing their absorption and facilitating weight management.

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Chitosan Applications in Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Chitosan has been demonstrated to possess several biological properties, with many of them useful for the food and nutrition industry: biodegradable, antioxidative, emulsifying, flocculating, film-forming, fat-binding, and antimicrobial. 

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How Chitosan Benefits the Skin

Chitosan is commonly used in skincare applications thanks to its many biological properties, including biodegradability, antimicrobial effects, film-forming ability, and lack of toxicity.

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Chitosan Applications in Cosmetics

Thanks to its many and versatile core propertied, chitosan can be used in cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, skincare, hair care and other personal hygiene products in a number of ways. 

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