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Clean and Clear Waters, Naturally with SeaKlear

Powered by pure, high-quality chitosan, Primex is the producer of SeaKlear, a certified natural water treatment solution.


How Chitosan Can Stimulate Growth in the Agriculture Industry

Primex products are powered by chitosan, a marine polysaccharide proven to be a highly efficient, natural, bioactive fibrous polymer. With over 400 applications, chitosan can also be used in the agricultural industry.


How Chitosan Works For Water Purification

As a highly efficient natural, bio-active fibrous polymer, chitosan has great potential, with over 400 applications, including water purification and wastewater treatment.


How Chitosan Can Support the Food Industry

Chitosan is the marine raw material that powers Primex products. Thanks to its highly efficient natural, bioactive fibrous polymer, chitosan has over 400 applications, including the food, beverage and food preservation industry.