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ChitoCare® Medical Devices: Scar Healing Gel

ChitoCare® Medical devices may be used as a preventive treatment to protect the skin and can be used by the whole population, including the elderly and children. The perfect addition to any First Aid Kit.

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ChitoCare® Medical Devices: Healing Spray

ChitoCare® Medical devices contain ChitoClear® chitosan, a safe, bioactive polymer derived from chitin. Chitosan consists of amino sugars which occur naturally in the human body, and therefore has excellent biocompatibility.

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ChitoCare® Medical Devices: Wound Healing Gel

Primex is the producer of three medical devices. These devices are designed to assist wound and/or scar healing and protect the skin. 

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Wound Management Properties of Chitosan

Wound healing is a dynamic process involving many molecules and cells. Chitosan-based products play a positive role in various stages of wound healing.

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