Chitosan Solutions for Wound Healing

ChitoClear® chitosan is the pure form of chitosan used in our ChitoCare® Medical devices. Learn more about what it is and how it can assist with wound healing.

Chitosan is a marine biopolymer derived from chitin, the second-most abundant polymer found in nature, after cellulose. As a natural cationic biopolymer in its dissolved form (pH<6), chitosan possesses a positive charge, giving rise to versatile uses based on its hemostatic, mucoadhesive, film-forming, antioxidative, water-binding, analgesic and antimicrobial properties. Thus, one important area of chitosan application is wound healing.

Chitosan and wound healing

The skin is an organ system at the interface between our complex anatomy and the harsh elements of the environment. Normally, wounds in the skin trigger a rapid healing process. However, the microenvironment of the wound must be optimal with respect to proper oxygen, moisture and pH, while undesirable microbes causing infection will delay the healing process. Serious wounds that span too great an area - such as burns or other wounds that occur in patients with compromised health conditions, such as diabetes and immobility - complicate wound healing.

Traditional treatments for such wounds often involve regular dressings or water-based dressings, called hydrogels. While effective in keeping the wound bed hydrated and as a barrier to infection, currently available hydrogels do not provide the physical support for new skin at the critical first stages of the healing process. Chitosan has several unique properties that aid this process.

Chitosan is a functional polysaccharide that consists of amino sugars which occur naturally in the human body, and therefore has excellent biocompatibility. Aside for its low toxicity, hemostatic and film-forming properties, chitosan provides relief from pain and itching and stimulates tissue regeneration. It has been employed in many areas in skin and wound care, such as artificial skin and tissue engineering, wound dressings, hemostatic dressings and others.


Chitosan properties

Chitosan characteristics lead to the optimization of skin and wound healing process. Among other things, chitosan promotes cell chemotaxis involved in the first stage of the inflammatory response, besides allowing the growth, proliferation and differentiation qualities that make it ideal for use in skin and wound repair, as well as tissue regeneration techniques. Chitosan is an effective material for faster wound contraction, as it possesses the potential to enhance fibroblasts proliferation and macrophage recruitment. It provides a matrix for tissue growth, activates macrophages, and stimulates cell proliferation and histoarchitectural tissue organization. Chitosan is also a hemostat, which helps in natural blood clotting and blocks nerve endings, reducing pain.

What is ChIToClear® chitosan?

ChitoClear® chitosan is the key ingredient in our medical devices. ChitoClear® chitosan is odorless, colorless, and free of allergens, viruses and other contaminants. 

ChitoClear® chitosan is a unique, multifunctional, natural ingredient that has a lot of potential for use in personal care products of different kinds, such as hair and skin care products. Due to its multifunctionality and nature, it is a good alternative to replacing synthetic chemical ingredients that are used today. 

What are ChitoCare Medical devices?

At Primex, we produce ChitoCare® Medical and have develop tailored-made solutions that can be shaped to treat many types of wounds and skin problems. Our available chitosan-based medical devices include ChitoCare® Medical Wound Healing Gel, ChitoCare® Medical Healing Spray, and ChitoCare® Medical Scar Healing Gel.

These medical devices are intended for skin protection and healing of scars, irritated, inflamed or damaged skin. They are also effective for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. ChitoCare® Medical are non-invasive medical devices, for long term use (may be continuously used for more than 30 days), on skin, scars and wounds. The gel and spray can be applied to suit any wound shape or skin area.

The key ingredient is chitosan, solubilized in lactic acid. Under acidic conditions, it has a cationic charge (positively charged groups, NH3+), resulting in enhanced mucoadhesive properties and the capability of providing a thin, breathable film, mechanically protecting the skin, scars and wounds to relieve pain and irritation. This flexible and hydrated film dries rapidly upon application, providing a microbial barrier as well as moisture control, contributing to hemostasis and natural healing. On the skin, the physical interaction of the products manages micro-environment and enables healing under optimal acidic pH (pH 4-5.5). By its film-forming and water-binding properties, ChitoCare® Medical products will prevent skin dehydration and contamination, protecting it from the external environment.


What is ChitoClear® gel?

As chitosan has applications in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, Primex has successfully created ChitoClear® gel, for uses in wound healing. ChitoClear® gel has good healing properties and is useful in contaminated as well as old and chronic wounds of animals. It reduces infection and has anti-pruritic (anti-itch) and anti-inflammatory properties, preventing scarring.

ChitoClear® gel can be used in wet wound dressings, while the gel's drying effect is advantageous in wet eczema treatment, avoiding wound covering. ChitoClear® gel and spray are useful under dressing and in field treatment of animals. They decrease itching, enhance hyper-granulation, heal, and reduce self-mutilation at a later stage.


As a chitosan manufacturer, Primex concentrates its efforts on the environmentally friendly and sustainable production of natural, pure and high-quality chitosan. It is an active ingredient with numerous applications in the food supplement, cosmetic, biomedical and agricultural markets. For more information on how Primex can assist you with your chitosan needs, do not hesitate to get in touch.