Clean and Clear Waters, Naturally with SeaKlear

Powered by pure, high-quality chitosan, Primex is the producer of SeaKlear, a certified natural water treatment solution.

SeaKlear is a certified natural water treatment solution for swimming pools, hot tubs, water ponds and spas, manufactured by Primex. The main ingredient of SeaKlear is ChitoClear chitosan, a natural, fibrous biopolymer, with extraordinary qualities.

This natural chitosan biopolymer has four distinct advantages:
• a relatively low cost of production
• outstanding pollutant-binding capacities
• versatile in form
• biodegradable

Thanks to its active ingredient, marine chitosan, SeaKlear has excellent antimicrobial and pollutant-binding capacity. It operates as a biocompatible, non-toxic and biodegradable alternative that can replace traditional chemicals used in water treatment. As an eco-friendly material, SeaKlear has the potential of replacing metallic salts and synthetic polyelectrolytes, making water safer, clearer and involving a less environmentally damaging process of cleaning and filtration.

SeaKlear is effective in:
• water clarification and purification
• biofiltration
• pollutant elimination
• treating water and wastewater

Thanks to its special formulation containing the fibrous biopolymer chitosan, SeaKlear can effectively bind tightly to a wide range of organic and inorganic pollutants, such as heavy metal ions, suspended solids, fatty impurities and oily residues. Furthermore, thanks to chitosan's flocculant activity, SeaKlear improves sedimentation and filterability of small particles by causing them to aggregate, forming a floc. This makes filtration and collection of impurities more effective and efficient.

As it helps to reduce the formation of chloramines, SeaKlear reduces the burning effect chlorine has on the eyes, skin and nose, while it also minimizes odors commonly associated with chlorine products, that can cause irritation, dry skin, itching or dizziness. SeaKlear also encapsulates body oils and cosmetics, that can wash off from swimmers and prevents them from combining with soaps and other waste that form unsightly scum deposits.


After use, SeaKlear can be easily removed via filtration or sedimentation with no toxic chemical residue. Alternatively, SeaKlear can provide filtration for cartridge, sand and D.E. filters. It helps your filters operate like new, allowing them to last longer between changes.

By using a natural water clarifier, you are not only helping keep our environment safe, but you are also safeguarding the health of swimmers and users of hot tubs and spas by opting for a natural, non-toxic alternative to traditional chlorine cleansers.

In fact, SeaKlear first got its name from its ability to clear hazy sea water for underwater photography. As it can turn murky water into crystal clear liquid, it perfectly aids artists and scientists in the demanding endeavor of capturing images underwater.

Thanks to its flocculant and coagulant properties, other potential applications of SeaKlear include treating wastewater from industrial operations and runoff water from farms, constructions sites and other activities that cause wastewater to drain into local bodies of water. By incorporating chitosan into systems that cleanse outgoing waters from minerals, heavy metals, suspended solids, and other pollutants is not only good for the environment, it increases system flow capacity by keeping it clean and free of flocs or “sludge” generated during treatment.

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