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Made in Iceland

Primex Iceland is an Icelandic marine biotech company and a global leader in sustainable production of high quality chitosan. Primex markets products under the brand names ChitoCare®, ChitoClear® and LipoSan Ultra® and SeaKlear®.

Primex provides chitosan from the pure source of the North Atlantic ocean where the shrimp shells of Pandalus borealis is the key ingredient in our products.

Proud to be Icelandic, Primex benefits from the fertile innovative culture in Iceland. Read more about Icelandic innovation here.


ChitoCare Medical - The natural healing of Iceland

ChitoCare® medical

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Primex Iceland is proud to announce its upgraded medical devices- ChitoCare® medical – with film-forming, protective and healing properties and intended for contact with skin and wounds.

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ChitoCare® medical contains natural chitosan, a safe bioactive polymer harvested from the pristine waters around Iceland. Chitosan consists of amino sugars which occur naturally in the human body, and therefore has excellent biocompatibility.

Why chitosan? Chitosan is a functional polysaccharide providing support and under mild acidic conditions it becomes positively charged, rendering it bioadhesive to adhere as a protective film to intact or breached skin and to confer many other important biological properties. Chitosan is a true wonder from the sea as it protects the skin, reduces redness and irritation with its cooling effect, maintains moisture and promotes the skin's natural repair process.

CHITOCARE® medical  products are intended for contact with skin and wounds – intact, breached and compromised surface. Both forms of the products, the gel and spray, protect the skin and wounds against infections, and help reduce bleeding and scarring. They soothe the symptoms associated with various skin conditions.

ChitoCare® medical  can be applied to suit any skin area or wound shape and will dry into a thin, transparent and breathable film to protect the skin or wounded area, relieve inflammation, itching and pain by its cooling effect, maintain a proper micro-environment for rapid and natural healing. The chitosan film does not need to be removed as it will slowly be degraded during natural skin renewal.

ChitoCare® medical Wound Healing Gel - A topical gel for acute and chronic wounds and other skin conditions

ChitoCare Medical Græðandi Gel

· Effectively reduces chronic wounds

· Protects against infections

· Heals wounds and burns

· Reduces redness, itching and pain

· Helps reduce bleeding

· Minimizes scarring

· Promotes natural skin healing 

Purest Source - Highest Efficiency

ChitoClear® chitosan is proven to be the purest chitosan possible. Odorless, colorless and without taste, ChitoClear® is free of allergens, viruses and other contaminants. The combination of high quality raw materials from untainted waters and a unique processing technology allows Primex to produce the purest and most effective chitosan on the market today.

ChitoClear® is a unique multifunctional natural ingredient that has great potential for use in biomedical applications and personal care products of different kinds, such as hair and skin care products. Due to its multifunctionality and nature, it is a good alternative to replace synthetic chemical ingredients that are used today.

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Health Management and Weight Loss

LipoSan Ultra® is a natural dietary supplement ingredient for effective weight management. In the digestive system, LipoSan Ultra® complexes and binds with dietary fats.

LipoSan Ultra® is a unique and proprietary dietary fiber formulation, proven to significantly reduce body weight in human clinical studies.

The flexibility of LipoSan Ultra and LipoSan Encapsulated give virtually limitless possibilities in applications ranging from capsules to food ingredients - all with the same high fat binding properties and pure natural source.

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